Loehrs Forensics started in 1999, as a computerized litigation firm, formerly known as Law2000, transforming legal matters from stacks of paper discovery into searchable electronic discovery. As the digital forensics industry took shape, the demand for digital forensic experts grew exponentially. With the legal background and technical expertise, Law2000 naturally morphed into a leading forensics firm. The litigation support eventually dissolved and, in 2008, the company was reborn as Loehrs & Associates.


Loehrs & Associates acquired a private investigator agency license (1594838) and was led by expert Tami Loehrs who quickly became internationally recognized for her innate ability to analyze digital evidence, apply it to the legal industry, and translate into compelling testimony in layman's terms. In 2018, the firm name updated to Loehrs Forensics to account for the growing team of certified forensic experts.


Today, Loehrs Forensics is armed with certified examiners proficient in the leading forensic software tools and in the general science of digital forensics to mine apparent and hidden data of evidentiary interest from all forms of electronic media. Loehrs Forensics presents admissible evidence in criminal, civil, corporate and private investigations, foreign and domestic, through the application of computer forensics, mobile forensics, cloud forensics, and cell site analysis

Although Loehrs Forensics is highly sought after in the private sector, the firm is also a member of the National Association for Public Defense and an approved vendor through the Criminal Justice Act, federal and state defender offices, as well as various local indigent defense services throughout the nation. Loehrs Forensics routinely volunteers time and resources to provide fair and objective analysis to those in need.






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Loehrs Forensics is a registered vendor with county and federal public defender offices throughout the United States and US Territories. We understand limited funding and rates are allocated to indigent defendants, so we work with public defenders to provide the most economical, yet effective, approach to each case while ensuring the forensic needs are met. 

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Loehrs Forensics is trusted by privately retained criminal and civil attorneys throughout the country to consult, assist with supplemental discovery requests, and analyze the evidence. We shape the scope of our analysis to fit the objective and budget for each case while producing quality results. A Loehrs Forensics Report for Forensics Examination is the key to securing the favorable outcome you need. 

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Loehrs Forensics is a registered vendor through the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) and district courts throughout the United States and US Territories. Travel time is not charged, and expenses are billed at per diem rates. We understand limited funding and rates are allocated to indigent defendants, so we work with the courts and assigned panel attorneys to provide the most economical, yet effective, approach to each case while ensuring the forensic needs are met. 

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Loehrs Forensics technical skills allow us to recover electronic data often overlooked or disregarded which can augment claims in civil ligation commonly including, but not limited to, personal injury, intellectual property disputes, and medical malpractice. The discovery of this evidence often ends in favorable settlements.

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Although county and district attorneys traditionally rely on law enforcement for their digital forensic needs, Loehrs Forensics offers objective analysis and opinions in cases that require specialized training, experience, and expedited services. Due to Loehrs Forensics workload heavily involving criminal defense, our experts have an exceptional ability to identify weaknesses in the prosecution's electronic evidence and how to resolve it.


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Loehrs Forensics offers services in pre-litigation to corporations to proactively preserve and analyze evidence including mobile phones, computers, servers, email accounts and the like. Pre-litigation forensics can assess the merits of a claim before pursuing a potentially lengthy and costly litigation. Allow us to be the reassurance you need to move forward with the best decision.




Loehrs Forensics has assisted civil and criminal attorneys in over 1,000 cases. Our expertise has proven to help secure favorable outcomes in many of those cases. Below, explore just some of our noteworthy cases and mentions in the media regarding our work. For a complete case list, please contact us.

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"The Court credits the testimony of Tami Loehrs, a forensic computer expert, whoseopinion was unrefuted."   "Loehrs credibly and persuasively opined that there was no reason for Steeby to install Windows 10 on both drives and risk overwriting data, unless the objective was to destroy the data."

Julie A. Robinson

Chief United States District Judge


2010 WL 6546776


"Loehrs' testimony demolished the Commonwealth's theory..."   "Loehrs offered a plausible explanation for the child porn discovered on Appellant's computers."

Stanton D. Levenson

P.A. Law Offices




"Loehrs also provided a plausible explanation for how Torrential Downpour mayhave erroneously identified Gonzales’s tablet as offering child pornography files over theBitTorrent network."   "The Court found Loehrs credible at the evidentiary hearing..."

David G. Campbell

Senior United States District Judge