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We are a digital forensics company capable of finding evidence on electronic media, cloud services, and anything that contains electronic data. That means desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, gaming systems and consoles, and security systems, social media, webmail, and cloud storage, just to name just a few data sources.

We are a cohesive team of forensic professionals who work, play and volunteer together. As a team, we are passionate about our community and strive to give back in any way we can. Whether it’s offering pro bono work to those in need, speaking to students about the forensics industry, donating to those in need, planting trees for Earth day, or volunteering our time, Loehrs Forensics wants to make a difference. One of our greatest loves is our involvement with animal rescue. To date, our team has rescued ten dogs, including our office dog, Boris.

T A M I  L O E H R S



The founder of Loehrs Forensics, Tami Loehrs, is a forensics expert who brings more than 30 years of legal and computer experience, as well as hundreds of hours of computer forensics training to the company. Loehrs grew up in a computer savvy family and spent many hours playing with colored punch cards where her father worked as a systems analyst. In spite of the influence, Loehrs chose a career as a paralegal, and through the years used her natural computer talents to assist in her legal work in probate and estate planning, tax and corporate law, insurance defense, civil and criminal law. Eventually, Loehrs realized that her unique combination of computer knowledge and legal experience facilitated communication between two industries that often couldn’t understand each other.


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Forensics Expert

M I C H E L E  B U S H


As a partner of Loehrs Forensics, Michele Bush, forensics expert, has grown up entrenched in the world of digital forensics and has been involved in many aspects of the company since its founding. Since 2012, she’s been conducting forensic examinations at state and federal facilities nationwide, building on her previous experience of in-house digital forensics examinations including evidence acquisition, forensic analysis and report preparation. Bush is knowledgeable of industry standard forensic methodologies, procedures and tools, and proficient in the use of forensic tools from Guidance Software, Access Data, Cellebrite, Blacklight, Paraben and numerous others.


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Forensics Expert

L E A H  M I L L E R

Forensics Examiner


Leah Miller joined Loehrs Forensics as a forensics examiner in 2019 bringing modern investigative techniques for analyzing digital evidence including Internet of Things, smartphones, data hiding, cryptography, and steganography. Miller graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from St. Cloud State University with studies in psychology, philosophy and art. In 2017 she grew an interest for forensic sciences and continued her education at Champlain College where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations. 


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