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Loehrs Forensics is relied upon by attorneys and businesses to consult, acquire, analyze, and produce latent digital evidence from thousands of different media items in criminal, civil and corporate investigations. Based in Arizona, our practice reaches around the globe. We are appointed experts through the Criminal Justice Act, federal and state defender offices around the nation. Time after time, our forensic experience proves that the electronic data tells a deeper, truer story than originally thought.

Digital forensics is being increasingly used for personal matters and civil litigation in addition to the traditional cybercrime cases such as violent crimes, white collar crimes and sexual offenses. We examine all digital media for the crucial digital evidence you need. That means forensic examination of not only traditional computers, laptops, thumb drives, and mobile devices, but data from cloud services and social media data


You’ll be working with the top digital forensic examiners certified in leading forensic software and hardware. Back that with hands-on field and laboratory experience; the proof is in the results.





Let’s talk about your digital forensic needs: preservation, analysis, production, expert testimony, or a combination of technological and analytical services.


Loehrs Forensics will help assure you preserve the relevant Electronically Stored Information from physical media and cloud storage services in a forensically sound manner. This ensures crucial evidence is presented in an admissible format that can be peer-reviewed and accepted by any expert in the country. 


We prepare detailed reports custom to your needs and auto-generated reports of all pertinent data so you can quickly and easily see how it applies to your case.


Things aren’t always what they seem. Our forensic examiners decipher the real who, what, when and how from deeply mined data evidence.

Let our experts speak for you! We have credentials and experience recognized in state, federal and worldwide courts used as reliable digital forensics expert testimony.


Missing crucial data? Our digital forensic examiners can recover your lost data or electronic evidence from areas even seasoned IT professionals can't reach.


Our experts decipher technical language produced in discovery to identify and ensure all sources of electronic evidence pertinent to the case are considered.

W H A T  T H E Y  S A Y

[Loehrs Forensics] really did go that extra step further in their level of investigation, and their level of expertise far exceeded many others who we have worked with in this area. They were great at keeping in communication and working to some tight deadlines. At the trial itself, we managed to get a large part of the prosecution evidence discredited due to the expert evidence given by Tami, and needless to say both ourselves and the client were very impressed and grateful for her contribution.

—  Alex Chowdhury, Associate Solicitor (Mary Monson Solicitors, UK)


Loehrs Forensics values your business. For general inquiries, please submit your information below. We typically respond to all emails within one business day. Please call us if you need immediate assistance or if  you have not heard from us by the third business day after submitting your information.


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