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Expert services is Loehrs Forensics white glove option for matters requiring expert opinion or analysis such as criminal defense, personal injury, and intellectual property. These services are recommended for attorneys, corporations, and individuals actively engaged in civil or criminal litigation requiring one or more of the following.


Comprehensive discovery review and assistance with technical issues in support of pretrial motions


Complex evidence preservation such as cloud storage (e.g. email, social networking), servers, or a combination of unique devices

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Independent forensic analysis of the electronic evidence and consultation on how it applies to the investigation

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Expert report or affidavit of findings and opinions, and expert testimony at evidentiary hearings, trial or sentencing

Loehrs Forensics' 20 years of experience and use of industry leading forensic tools guarantees a thorough analysis allowing counsel to apply the evidence in the most advantageous manner and securing the best possible outcome. This specialized service is uniquely crafted to each case, so please contact us for more information on how we may be able to assist, the necessary steps, and an estimate.

Loehrs Forensics Consultation


Consultation involves a comprehensive discovery review of all documents and electronic data produced in the case to identify what, if anything, pertinent to your case should exist but has not been produced. Loehrs Forensics experts will provide detailed technical language used to assist counsel in drafting an intelligent supplemental discovery request.

An expert review of the case can reveal weaknesses, strengths, investigative techniques and faults, and legal strategy that a non-technical person may overlook. This gives counsel assurance that the allegations and evidence in support of, as detailed in discovery, are a whole and accurate representation. 

Forensic Analysis


Forensic analysis involves a deep dive of the electronic data across all sources of evidence including data from Cell Service Providers (e.g. AT&T, Verizon), Internet Service Providers (e.g. Cox, Century Link), Electronic Service Providers (e.g. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook), and physical electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, computers, storage drives). Every forensics examination conducted by either plaintiff or the defendant is limited in scope to what has been deemed relevant. For that reason, relying on an examiner's findings who has been directed by adverse counsel is often lacking crucial data pertinent to your case. 

Loehrs Forensics analysis is catered to the needs in each case individually. Whether the analysis is an overall sweep of the evidence or limited in scope to specific issues, Loehrs Forensics can provide a deeper understanding of the evidence as it applies to pretrial litigation and trial strategy. 

Cell Site Analysis


Call detail and mobility records produced by Cell Service Providers (e.g. AT&T, Verizon,) are often disclosed in formats unintelligible to lay persons but contain data that can be used to inculpate or exculpate your client. The techniques and technology used to analyze this data is everchanging, so it is especially important to ensure reports produced from this evidence does not overstate or understate the significance of cell tower data. Otherwise, this evidence may be used to incorrectly identify a precise location of a given user, or, vice versa, suggest no precise location could be determined. 

Beyond the estimated location, these records can also reveal additional information about the user including specific devices used and a pattern of activity. Patterns can reveal a user’s location is not unique to a specific incident, but a routine commute. 

Expert Report of Examination


A Loehrs Forensics Report of Examination is much more than the disclosure of data or a written statement of findings. Rather, our reports are a unique combination of the synopsis of the case, how the digital evidence is crucial to the legal issues as defined by counsel, the underlying data in support of all findings, and a summary of expert opinions in lay terms that any attorney, judge, or jury will understand. 

When the electronic evidence is in your favor, a written forensic report detailing that data can be an important negotiation tool to advocate for your client that can live on the record. Whether the report is to negate or support allegations, highlight fatal errors in the other side’s case in support of suppression or spoliation arguments, or mitigate the evidence for a plea or settlement offer, our reports can help secure the outcome you need. 

Expert Testimony


Data does not always speak for itself, especially when there are complex technical issues involved. The most powerful evidence is often through an experienced expert who can explain in lay terms the significance of digital evidence, of lack thereof. Expert testimony can relay opinions based on an analysis of evidence, or simply provide explanations of technical facts of the case.  

Our seasoned experts have testified nationwide and internationally in state and federal courts at evidentiary hearings, trials, and sentencing hearings. With that experience comes an innate ability to provide compelling testimony that upholds even under intense cross-examination.


[Loehrs Forensics] really did go that extra step further in their level of investigation, and their level of expertise far exceeded many others who we have worked with in this area. They were great at keeping in communication and working to some tight deadlines. At the trial itself, we managed to get a large part of the prosecution evidence discredited due to the expert evidence given by [Loehrs], and needless to say both ourselves and the client were very impressed and grateful for her contribution.

—  Alex Chowdhury, Associate Solicitor (Mary Monson Solicitors, UK)

Loehrs Forensics expert services have been used by civil and criminal attorneys in over 1,000 cases. Our expertise has proven to help secure favorable outcomes in many of those cases. Below, explore just some of our noteworthy cases. For a complete case list, please contact us.

US District Court for Kansas Seal



"The Court credits the testimony of Tami Loehrs, a forensic computer expert, whoseopinion was unrefuted."   "Loehrs credibly and persuasively opined that there was no reason for Steeby to install Windows 10 on both drives and risk overwriting data, unless the objective was to destroy the data."

Julie A. Robinson

Chief United States District Judge


2010 WL 6546776


"Loehrs' testimony demolished the Commonwealth's theory..."   "Loehrs offered a plausible explanation for the child porn discovered on Appellant's computers."

Stanton D. Levenson

P.A. Law Offices




"Loehrs also provided a plausible explanation for how Torrential Downpour mayhave erroneously identified Gonzales’s tablet as offering child pornography files over theBitTorrent network."   "The Court found Loehrs credible at the evidentiary hearing..."

David G. Campbell

Senior United States District Judge

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